Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, Hand-Rendered & Filtered - for DIY Homemade Cosmetics or Cooking

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I am so pleased to offer our excess rendered beef tallow here - this is rendered by me, here at Solace Farm Homestead, from beef fat we get from Dayspring Farm, a fellow small, sustainable, regenerative farm nearby raising grass-fed cattle and sheep, as well as turkeys, chickens, and vegetables.  This tallow is from 100% grass-fed cattle, so it is chock-full of all those amazingly healthy fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients.  I'd love to offer our Scottish Highland tallow as well, but I prefer to use the ingredients we produce ourselves for my balms, salves, and lip balms, and we currently use all of our tallow just for that.  As our cattle numbers grow, that may become possible, though.  

I render the fat slowly, often on the woodstove (the best way), strain off the tallow, boil it through water at least twice, and then filter it through a coffee filter.  This takes days from beginning to end, but is worth it for the beautiful, pure white tallow that results.  I filter it into my square-bar soap molds, so the tallow comes in 4-4.5 oz square bars, that I wrap in aluminum foil for shipping.  I am trying to avoid single-use plastic, thus the foil, but if you'd prefer I ship it in a zipper bag I can definitely do that.  If you'd like more than a pound, contact me for a slight volume discount - obviously, since the work is the same regardless of purchase size, I can't offer a large discount but I'm happy to work with you as much as I can.

This tallow is great for making your own tallow balms, whipped tallow butters or creams, or simply using as a healthy cooking fat.  Tallow is a high-heat fat, so it's great for frying and other applications where lower-temp oils may scorch and smoke.