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Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap - Ginger, Lime & Lavender Essential Oils, Handmade Goat Soap for Gifts

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This 5-6 oz handmade goat milk bar soap has essential oils of Ginger, Lime and Lavender, blended here by hand (one of my favorites and customers’ too), and of course our goat milk in it as well, along with wonderful oils like avocado and sweet almond, and moisturizing shea butter. This is one of my favorite scents - spicy, warm, citrusy, earthy, and herbal, a refreshing, simple-yet-complex blending of aromas.  Choose from:

2 oz Tree of Life bar in a hand-folded origami brown paper box with matching lid
4-5 oz square bar, wrapped in hand-cut brown paper
5-6 oz rectangular bar with a goat kid frolicking in a meadow, in a brown windowed box

Goat milk is renowned for the luxurious qualities it gives soap, particularly gentle exfoliating and excellent moisturizing. I hand-milk my goat Elena, and use the rich milk as well as olive and coconut oils, almond, castor, and avocado oils and shea butter to make this wonderful soap. I don't use Palm oil as many soapmakers do - while it itself is a useful oil, I can't condone the harmful cultivation practices used to produce it, and find I don't need it - this soap is wonderful without it!  It is so moisturizing and good for your skin, with extra vitamins and nutrients from the goat milk, as well as the luxurious oils I use.  If you have used goat milk soap before, or any good handmade soap, you know that it is a completely different creature than commercial soap, which can be so drying!  When soap is made by hand, the chemical reaction of oils with a lye solution forms the substances soap and glycerin.  A typical bar of handmade soap is roughly 1/3 glycerin!  This is a humectant, meaning it pulls water from the air - when on your skin, it literally moisturizes your skin by attracting water to it.  In commercial soaps, the glycerin is distilled and removed, and later sold back to you in a lotion, but in the "real thing", it is all one package.  I used to use lotions and moisturizers a lot, especially in the winter, but I virtually never use them anymore, other than some of my grass-fed tallow balm on my hands occasionally.

Our motto here at SFH is “By Hand”, and we really mean it! I make all my soap from scratch – I never use a purchased base - I milk my goats (and sheep) by hand, render the local lard myself (usually on our woodstove) and all my soap is made in my kitchen in small batches from 6 to 36 bars at a time. I only use great ingredients – no palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil, or any others with controversial cultivation, harvest, labor, or business practices, and nothing really exotic and expensive, so I can keep my costs down for you. I have a few recipes that are the best I could find – and then I tweaked them to meet my standards while maintaining the high-quality product (so my shampoo replaces the recipe's palm oil with local, pastured lard, and the expensive Kukui nut oil with avocado oil). Please scroll down to the bottom of the page on any of my items to read my "Additional Policies - About Lye Soap" for more detail on why you should use quality handcrafted soap!

Other soap companies are just that – SOAP companies – but we are a small, family homestead that produces handmade soap as one facet of our diverse, small-scale farm so that we can both raise our 3 home-schooled boys and teach them how to love and care for the world around them through animals, gardens, and the joy, satisfaction, and confidence that comes from knowledge and capability. If you're interested in finding out more about our homestead, stop by our blog and photo galleries here at, or take a peek at our Instagram page, or pop over to our Facebook page.  Thanks for checking out our products, and supporting small farms and handcrafter artisans!