Handmade Vegan Soap - Cedarwood & Bergamot Handcrafted Shea Butter Soap, Maple Leaf and Acorn Soap

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A great scent for both men and women, this handcrafted soap has pure cedarwood essential oil, with undertones of bergamot essential oil – a unique citrus fruit, but fragance-wise I like to think of this as orange peel as compared to orange juice – and a hint of sweet orange essential oil, to balance the other strong and sharp notes.

This handmade, small-batch soap is vegan and vegetarian friendly, with no goat milk, beeswax, honey, or other animal-derived ingredients. It is my all-time favorite recipe, with coconut oil for cleansing, olive, almond, avocado, and castor for moisturizing, and shea butter for that extra touch of decadence. Shea butter does not react during the soap-making process as much as most oils, so it is particularly good for creating a moisturizing soap, as it retains its “shea-butter-ness” through to the final bar, making an ultra-rich, good-for-your-skin luxury bar.

The Cedarwood Bergamot soap comes in your choice of molded bars – either a single molded maple leaf, or a rectangular bar with acorns and oak leaves molded on the top, specify your choice from the drop-down box.