November 2017


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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a great day, with good food and great friends and family.  We had a mix of a traditional and non-traditional Thanksgiving this year - Wednesday, we went to Caleb’s old office for their annual turkey dinner over lunch break, and it was great to see everyone from there again.  (We do see them fairly often, we still have a chest freezer in the storage building over there and stop by every few weeks, but it was really good to spend some actual time with everyone together for a change).

Where Did October Go?!

Holy Moley!  I’d say I can’t believe its been a month already, except it feels like it’s been 2 months since my last post!  I have been making soap, prepping wool, felting soap - and not much else.  I estimate that since the first week of October, I have sold something around 400 bars of soap!  And I am operating in an almost-constant state of just-about-out of soap :).