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A New Name


Farm Update

Yet again, it's been a busy few weeks.  We had a great WWOOOFer for a week, and then 2 more expected shortly after that never showed, so we've again had a bit more to do than we'd hoped.  

Last weekend we got a first coat of plaster on the addition walls.  We had 4 etra sets of hands, so we were able to get the entire wall done on Sunday afternoon.  The weather has been so damp that the walls are still too damp for a second coat, but a slow cure is certainly better than a too-rapid drying.  

Addition Update


I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote here!  As usual, I've been busy - there was my birthday, Malachi's birthday (not that you could tell, maybe he'll get a party for his 3rd?), a funeral back in VA, and lots of knitting.  I finally finished all my commission knitting, and have only acquired 1 new order, so if anyone wants something made for Christmas, now is the time to let me know!



We have another long work weekend here, and the addition is really progressing.  Last weekend, Caleb got the roofing metal on, so the roof is complete.  It went faster than expected because our WWOOFer's father came for a visit and gave Caleb some extra hands for the weekend.  


The Addition is Underway!

The house addition is underway!  The contractors actually got the foundation done speedily, finishing up last Friday, and we started work this Thursday.  Caleb is going to take a couple of long weekends, and see how much he can get done.  So far, Thursday and Friday have seen the floor joists and decking laid, the walls framed, and half the rafters set in place.