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Solace Farm, the Tourist Destination?

As some of you know, we have a mini-horse named Fiona that we got several years ago for Liam to ride.  It turns out, after a winter of riding lessons, that Liam does not appear to be a horse person.  He has no desire to really do anything with Fiona, and she's just hanging out with goats, getting fat and lazy again.  We had a long talk about her usefulness here, and decided that, since Malachi is absolutely enthralled with her, we should keep her, and try to work her at least once a week (twice in theory!) to keep her trained until Malachi is older.  

Catch-Up Time

I periodically realize I have a number of little things that have happened around here to talk about, but not anything big enough for a whole post to itself.  So, to catch up on those little developments, here's a week (or two)-in-review.