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Farm News Round-up

Wow!  So, I blinked and it has been most of a month since I wrote anything here!  A lot has happened in that time, although I personally have been mainly nursing a growing baby, and doing school with Liam.  In fact, I got Ewan to sleep so I could write this, and got as far as the word "personally" before he woke up - he's been ravenous recently, and just falls asleep long enough to trick me into putting him down, then wakes up and eats again.

Newest Arrival

I've just got a quick update today, on a few things.  

Moving On

It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted.  It hasn't really been anything noteworthy, just a lot of chores and projects taken care of, with the additional hands around.  Sadly, that has changed again - Dave and Nicole were unable to stay, as much as they wanted to, and have moved on as of Saturday.  We will miss them - they were a great addition to the farm, and we enjoyed their company as well as the help and energy they contributed to the farm.

New Year, New Help

Happy New Year!  So far we're having a good one - well, Liam has a stellar case of tonsillitis and strep, but seems to be on the way up after a couple of days of sounding like a miserable chipmunk and a sleepless night for all of us (except Malachi, who slept like the proverbial baby).  

The Summer of Medical Emergencies

I don't know about y'all, but here at Solace Farm, medical situations only seem to happen at the most inopportune times.  Yesterday - Saturday, of course - we had 2!  And they are hopefully the last in a long string of them this whole summer.  

The Addition is Underway!

The house addition is underway!  The contractors actually got the foundation done speedily, finishing up last Friday, and we started work this Thursday.  Caleb is going to take a couple of long weekends, and see how much he can get done.  So far, Thursday and Friday have seen the floor joists and decking laid, the walls framed, and half the rafters set in place.

No More Chickens

This past weekend was a momentous occasion on Solace Farm - at least for us humans.  We finally got around to butchering the 50 meat chickens we've been raising for the last few months.  It went really well, I was very pleased with it.  


This past weekend was a wonderful break from the usual life on the farm - we went to a family wedding in Kentucky. Unlike most of our trips, it was only a 5 hour drive - we didn't leave at 2 am or drive the whole night, it was really quite luxurious. The wedding was beautiful, we got to see family we hadn't seen in a couple of years, and even had time on the trip home for an extra stop. We went to Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville and took the walking tour.