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My First Lace Yarn!

I am so excited, I finally finished my first really laceweight yarn!  I will put a couple of pictures up in the photo galleries if you want to take a peek at it.  It took me several weeks (of not doing much else!) - when I spin, I just fill my bobbins all the way, because if I'm going to do all that work, I want a bunch of yarn to show for it.  Also, I'm planning to make a shawl with it, so I wanted enough that I can guarantee no knots or splices for the whole thing.  Well, I am assured of that - my skein is 1380 yards!

We're Still Here

I apologize for the - what, 4 week?! - hiatus there!  For the first week, I wasn't doing a whole lot besides cleaning, carding, and spinning fleece and knitting a couple pairs of slippers someone ordered.  Then, the next few weeks were surprisingly busy with a variety of activities and I just never had a chance to write anything!  We've hosted 2 different groups, conducted a goat roundup, got our beef back and sold most of it, and gotten the sheep sheared!

Much-Needed Updating

It's been way too long, but I finally found some time to get on both my store here and my Etsy shop and get my items updated.  I added a few things - I didn't have my goat milk soap listed! - especially some yarns and knitting, and delisted a few things that I've either sold elsewhere or used myself :)  I still have a few more items to add - the rest of my soap, for instance - but it's definitely better.  Pop over if you get a chance and see what you think.

Spinning and Planting

It's been a while, but I've finally found some time to do a little spinning.  Well, not so much found as just plain stole.  I haven't done dishes this week.  Or cleaned the kitchen.  Or swept.  Or washed the duck eggs.  But I did spin some yarn!  

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

I've finally had a chance to do some spinning, and it's been wonderful.  It's such a relaxing pastime, so contemplative, almost meditative, soothing...  Wait, I'm thinking of someone else - this is how I spin:

It's not like this all the time, of course - he originally was bawling facedown on my lap, but then his hair accidentally gets spun in the yarn :)

New Yarn

I've been stealing bits of time here and there, and over the past few weeks I've managed to spin a few more skeins of yarn.  I've made 2 of a white/fawn 2 ply from Annie and Carlyle, one fine and one a little more bulky.  I also made another fine-weight gray from Toby.