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The Ebb and Flow of Life

So many aspects of farm life are all about new beginnings, and creation - yet death and endings are an inseparable part of that.  I've had several conversations with Liam about the yin and yang of life (usually centered around the fact that you can't just read all day, there's work to be done so that we all have food, clean clothes, and a happy family!).  

Surprise Babies!

This is a quick posting, just to say that we have even more babies than we knew.  Liam and I headed out to the milk pen the other day, he to feed the bottle babies and I to milk, and he called to me that we had baby ducks.  Sure enough, one of the duck hens was in the next pasture with about 8 little ducklings!  I ccouldn't believe it, since in 8 years of having ducks we've never had one hatch anything.

No More Chickens

This past weekend was a momentous occasion on Solace Farm - at least for us humans.  We finally got around to butchering the 50 meat chickens we've been raising for the last few months.  It went really well, I was very pleased with it.