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I did it!  I finished my big soap order on Tuesday, and got the last of them shipped out this morning - 234 bars of felted soap!  It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it.  Now, I have to make a bunch of soap to catch up :)  I knocked out 5 batches today and Monday, so that's a good start.  Then I just need to get caught back up on fleece, since I used most of my prepped wool for felting these soaps.  I need to skirt, card and dye a lot more to be ready for the next time I felt soap.

I took some pictures of the soaps before I shipped them, and created a new photo gallery just for soaps.  There's a few shots of these felted ones, I like the piles of them just drifted about :). That's what always makes me feel rich - not piles of cash or gold coins, or even a number in a bank account, but stacks of egg cartons, heaps of soap, buckets of freshly-shelled popcorn, tables of tomatoes, piles of pumpkins, crocks of cheese, bags of wool...  copious amounts of the stuff of life, that's what makes me feel safe and satisfied.  


What a beautiful statement,

What a beautiful statement, Amy, about what makes you feel safe & satisfied. I sure wish more people could learn that feeling....

Amen, Sister! I am just

Amen, Sister! I am just learning this new feeling of satisfaction and absolutely agree. Perspective. :)

Thanks Y'all!

Thanks ladies! I appreciate it, and agree - if only more people saw the world this way, well, it would be a different world!

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