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We have our third calf of the summer (second surviving), out of Bridget.  Yet again, she had a red girl - I think that's 3 now over the last few years.  She was born on Monday, and is looking vigorous and healthy.  We are not getting her weighed - Bridget stands over her and growls if Caleb goes near, so we'll just watch from the other side of the fence, and make sure she's growing well :)  I'm not concerned, Bridget's a great mama.  

On the subject of calves, we still haven't named the last one!  (We were discussing names for Ewan right up until after he was born, so we haven't had the time to worry about a calf name!)  Any ideas out there for the calf?  We need a name for this new girl too.  Last year I used a wildflower theme,, and tried to match color - Aster, (Queen) Anne('s Lace), etc, so we can either continue that or pick a new theme this year.  I welcome ideas!  I did name the newest alpaca - since he's white-fleeced, and we're using classic country names, he's definitely gotta be Kenny (Rogers).  

In human baby news, Ewan is doing great.  He's sleeping hours at a time all day, and starting to do the same overnight.  The bigger boys are getting along with him well - they occasionally want to hold him, and are happy to have him around, but otherwise he hasn't interrupted their life, so they don't mind at all :)

Liam and Malachi are also kind of liking the abdication of Mom running the house (I'm doing much better, but still basically out of commission) in favor of Dad, who's home every day for a while.  They get to do farm things all day and run around half-naked - I don't think they've worn a shirt between them for days now.  

I feel a lot better already, but I still have a lot of healing to do - we checked my iron today, and it is up to a 9.  Since I was a 7.4 when I left the hospital, which is below the usual transfusion point, it's much improved, but I'm still at the point Caleb would usually send to the hospital.  Hopefully by my 2-week checkup next Wednesday, I'll be closer to the minimum for normal of 12.  I've been eating an iron-rich diet, which is actually not hard for us - beef, beets, leafy greens, etc are all things we have plenty of right now.  

All in all, I think we're all doing pretty well at adjusting to a change-of-life situation that was a bit more than expected! 



precious photos

What beautiful boys. I hope your healing goes smoothly.

great joy

What precious photos of my grands--this Gramma's heart is singing, seeing these boys. Malachi is reminding me more and more of Caleb as a little guy, curly hair and all. Wonderful that you are slowly getting better. Prayers continuing.

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