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It's done!  I finally finished my latest lace shawl, and it's stunning if I say so myself...  I actually finished it last week, but haven't had a chance to post Since then.  I have put several pictures in the Knitting gallery, of this and a couple of other shawls.  This one is probably tied for my favorite one yet - I really love the butterfly design of this pattern, and I used a somewhat unrefined silk yarn, from a sweater I found at Goodwill last winter.  I love the drape of silk, it's just perfect for a shawl!  

I explained to Liam my dilemma, which I have with every shawl I finish - do I keep it for myself or sell it?  My conundrum is that if I keep it, I can't keep any others, since I really don't have anywhere to wear one lace shawl, much less 2 - or 3, or 4...  He had a very wise answer - I should keep it until I make one I like better, then sell the first one :). 

My other, also super-exciting news, is that we finally have a logo!  A graphic designer friend of mine took my nebulous concept, and made the perfect logo for our farm, we're really pleased with it.  I've been wanting to get this done for about 2 years now, so I'm incredibly relieved to finally check this off my to-do list!  I can now incorporate our logo into my product labels, as I've already started doing with the felted soaps for my big wholesale order.  They look great, and I just feel so much more professional now :).  I've gotten new business cards, and we got separate ones for me and Caleb, mine focusing on soaps and fiber, and Caleb's on the cattle and sheep.  Let me know what y'all think of the design!  

Speaking of my big soap order, I'm chugging away at it - I've got about 120 bars ready and waiting, I need about 2 more felting sessions and I'll be good to go.  I dyed 3 more batts of wool yesterday, I think that'll do me for this order.  I'm really going to have to be better about consistently putting time into fiber preparation, so that I can keep up with both larger orders and just my day-to-day stocking of farmers market orders and local stores, without a huge crunch of effort.  I'm kind of glad I've got this big order as impetus, illustrating why I can justify time spent playing with fleece :)  

Lastly, our animal news is that we have our second-to-last calf of the season - 8 out of 9.  Clover showed up yesterday with a little red boy, of course (that makes 5 red boys this year, one red girl and one white girl) and Caleb thinks he was actually born the day before.  That's great news, because after sitting and staring at my calving charts for a while one day, I realized that most of our cows have lost their first calf, whether because of something that could be construed as their fault, or some crazy fluke not at all on their shoulders - but Clover apparently had no problems, so that's a big check mark in her column of the chart!  Now, we just have Kerry left, and she didn't calve last year until October 22, so it may be a while.  She has advanced about 1 month every year for 3 years now, so if she follows her own trend, it'll be late November.  Now if only Reba the alpaca would have her cria... I ogle her every morning while I'm milking, but she just stands there staring blankly like she has no idea what I'm waiting for. Darn alpaca...



Where do we see the logo and the photo of the shawl?


The shawl photo is the last one in the "Knitted Items" gallery, and I ran into some issues with doing everything from my phone, but the logo is now at the top of every page. I also changed the main photo of the farm on every page to a new one. So - now what do y'all think?

love, love the logo

I love the concept of the logo, it really captures the spirit of your farm. And so proud of a wise grandboy who is growing into a sensible young man. Perhaps you'll still have the shawl on the farm when we visit, to see it and admire it in person!

Thank you!

As I said, the nebulous concept has been floating in my head for several years, our friend did a great job making it real for us.
And yes, Liam is really growing up...

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