This will be a really quick post (I'm typing one-handed while nursing), but if a picture is worth a thousand words then this is a ~1050-word essay :)  This is why we garden organically - not just so that our children can eat organic produce, but because (despite our best efforts) they will eat an organic garden :)


too funny!

OH, you made me smile, for sure!!


Hi Guys!!!!

I just stopped by to send you guys some love and Good luck with everything. We've been trying to find our way and when we stayed with you it helped so much in us finding our path and way of life. I hope everyone is good health and the boys are happy.

Kind Regards,
Nicole and Dave

Wonderful to hear!

It's so good to hear from you! What a coincidence - Dan just commented on my previous post, and y'all here, and y'all all were here at the same time last winter! We're so glad to hear things are working out, and grateful that we were able to contribute to that in any way! Keep in touch, we'd love to hear how things go.

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