We're still here!

Hey everyone, it's again been forever since I posted here! As usual, I've been doing 12 thousand things, and just haven't found time to sit down on the couch for an hour and write something. Ewan finished nursing at about Christmas time, and so my sit-on-the-couch-holding-a-lightly-sleeping-baby-for-an-hour time is gone.

The End of the Garlic!


So I keep saying I’ve been busy making soap, and it’s certainly true, but actually the real time-sucking activity recently has been dealing with the last of the year’s garlic crop.  

Merry Christmas!

...and Happy New Year!  And all the other holidays I’ve missed since I last posted.  I know I always say I’ve been so busy, but this time I really mean it :).  I calculate I sold over 700 bars of my felted alpaca soaps from early October through Christmas.  And another 200 non-felted bars.  And I still need to restock, badly, both soap and even more so, prepped wool for felting.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a great day, with good food and great friends and family.  We had a mix of a traditional and non-traditional Thanksgiving this year - Wednesday, we went to Caleb’s old office for their annual turkey dinner over lunch break, and it was great to see everyone from there again.  (We do see them fairly often, we still have a chest freezer in the storage building over there and stop by every few weeks, but it was really good to spend some actual time with everyone together for a change).

Where Did October Go?!

Holy Moley!  I’d say I can’t believe its been a month already, except it feels like it’s been 2 months since my last post!  I have been making soap, prepping wool, felting soap - and not much else.  I estimate that since the first week of October, I have sold something around 400 bars of soap!  And I am operating in an almost-constant state of just-about-out of soap :).

It’s Finally Here!


Poor Malachi has been eagerly awaiting his birthday ever since July, when he was the only one that didn’t get a birthday (Liam and Ewan are 2 days apart).  Well, it finally got here, as of Friday he is officially 4 years old - a big boy!  

He’s been saying for weeks that he wanted a 
mouse cake” - whatever that is!  I have made a roadkill possum cake

...And Done!

She's here, the final calf of the season!  We were a little worried that it would be November or later - Kerry has been running about 14 months between calves the last couple of times, and last year was Oct. 22 - but last Saturday, the 7th, she showed up with a little red girl. A teeny little one, too, but healthy-looking which is all that really matters.  That gives us one lost girl, 3 surviving girls, and 5 boys, all red.  Of course, one of the girls is white, so we'll have yet another white cow mama in a few more years.



I did it!  I finished my big soap order on Tuesday, and got the last of them shipped out this morning - 234 bars of felted soap!  It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it.  Now, I have to make a bunch of soap to catch up :)  I knocked out 5 batches today and Monday, so that's a good start.  Then I just need to get caught back up on fleece, since I used most of my prepped wool for felting these soaps.  I need to skirt, card and dye a lot more to be ready for the next time I felt soap.

...And Finally!

Well, apparently I should have complained about Reba a little sooner.  The morning after I wrote the last post, I went to the milk pasture, and there was Reba with a still-wet little girl!  She's just adorable, of course, and beautiful, of course.  We've named her Patsy (Cline, obviously), courtesy of a visiting friend.  Patsy is a rich black-brown, just a gorgeous color that we don't have in the herd yet. She has striking face markings, white with black eyes and brown under the jaw (there's some photos up in the Alpaca gallery).


It's done!  I finally finished my latest lace shawl, and it's stunning if I say so myself...  I actually finished it last week, but haven't had a chance to post Since then.  I have put several pictures in the Knitting gallery, of this and a couple of other shawls.  This one is probably tied for my favorite one yet - I really love the butterfly design of this pattern, and I used a somewhat unrefined silk yarn, from a sweater I found at Goodwill last winter.  I love the drape of silk, it's just perfect for a shawl!